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Dip the Tip Deserts

Passover Gift Set

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Please note: Any Passover Gift Boxes purchased on Saturday, April 20 and onwards will be packaged in a 10x10 window box instead of wooden box. Wooden boxes are sold out.

Introducing our Passover Gift Box, a delightful ensemble of handcrafted treats to elevate your holiday celebrations. Indulge in the exquisite flavour of our Limited Edition Matzah and Chocolate Bark, perfectly blending the traditional crispness of matzah with rich sweetness of chocolate. Delight your senses with our French Mendiants, adorned with an assortment of premium nuts for a sophisticated twist on classic flavours. And savor the natural goodness of our signature Berry Bars, bursting with the succulent sweetness of hand-selected berries. Embrace the joy of Passover with our carefully curated selection of delectable delights.


Disclaimer: Please note, while our chocolates are kosher, our facility is not kosher certified.