What will be the delivery time? 

We deliver 6 days a week from 12 - 5 pm. We cannot guarantee an exact delivery time due to uncontrollable circumstances such as weather and traffic conditions. 

Will I get confirmation upon delivery? 

Yes, please leave the correct email address and phone number so that we can email or text you. 

Do you ship or deliver outside of Ontario?

No, due to the nature of our product we only deliver within Ontario to Toronto and the GTA. 

Do you offer same day delivery?

We do our best to provide same day delivery. Please call or email us by 10 am in order for us to schedule it in. 

Can I pick up my arrangement one day before gifting it/serving it? 

We recommend serving or gifting your arrangement the same day it is made. We use fresh fruit and it is best to consume same day. 

Can I customize my order? 

Absolutely! We love bringing your ideas to life. If you have an idea you don’t see, please contact us at info@dipthetipdesserts.ca

Can I return my order? 

We always aim to make sure our customers love our products, but we don’t offer returns due to health regulations and the nature of the product.

Can I cancel/refund my order? 

We can accept cancellation of your order 3 business days before the pickup or delivery date.

Do you offer discounts? 

Please subscribe to emails on our homepage to receive new promotions and discounts.

What type of chocolate do you use?

We use the best quality, premium Belgian chocolate while making our chocolate-covered strawberry arrangements. If you have dietary restrictions please let us know and we may be able to help. 

How long do the arrangements stay fresh for?

We recommend consuming your chocolate strawberries within 12-24 hours of pickup/delivery.


How do I safely transport my arrangement if I’m picking it up?

To ensure proper handling of the arrangement, we recommend you put your order at the floor of the car and travel carefully. Do not put heat on your arrangement as the chocolate will melt. Please note any damages that occur while you transport your own arrangement is not our responsibility. 

How do I store my arrangement? 

If you do not serve or consume your arrangement right away, keep it in the fridge. 

Are you a nut free facility? 

No we are not a nut free facility.

What if I want an exact copy of an arrangement you previously made? 

All of our arrangements our handmade, we will work within the theme you request however there may be slight modifications such as the way the strawberries are drizzled or the florals inside the arrangement. All orders are subject to availability.

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